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This is place where you’d expect to hear things like “I always dreamed of being a photographer” and “I knew it was my calling”. None of that would be true. 


I left what many would call a successful career climbing the corporate ladder for Fortune 500’s best.  But few knew the costs of the climb and push to prove my worth.  I pushed and pushed until the day my body completely shut down.  


It was that day that my definition of success was redefined.  


Where I come from, there are no trust funds and wealthy relatives to fund dreams of following your passion. So I decided to leave the "secure" job and pursue a living doing something I loved according to my definition of success.  That something was photography.  


I’m self taught and took classes, read books, assisted and served other highly regarded photographers and did everything I could to grow, develop and learn. 


I love what I do, but whoever said “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” doesn’t know my life!


Since starting photography, I have worked harder than ever with long days and late nights.  A day at the office for me can range from full days in front of a computer to getting dirty on the ground,  stepping in puddles after a rainy day or crouched in bushes to get the shot! 


While I’ve been photographed by a celebrity photographer, my goals have never led me to pursue being a celebrity photographer.  My true passion is to capture everyday people, in everyday life that are just as deserving of extraordinary images that authentically captures who they are.



If you’ve ever said……..


  • I don’t take good pictures

  • I’m not photogenic

  • I don’t know what to do in front of the camera so I avoid it

This is not the time to put the first impression of your business in the hands of a relative or friend “with a nice camera”.  You need a skilled photographer, known for making even those who’d prefer to run from the camera SHINE!  Investing in yourself and your brand is everything.   Choosing a photographer who understands that capturing the "everyday woman" and putting her at ease to create images that seem effortless, is not the same as shooting a model.  I thrive in guiding every client through a photo experience to create images that ROCK!  I'm there every step of the way from posing, to choosing the best locations to offering wardrobe styling assistance.  

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