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Session fees are non-refundable and invoice payments are due upon receipt.

On-line viewing and proofing galleries are active for 7 days.  It is the client’s responsibility to complete selections, place orders and download purchased images.  Activating the gallery after expiration will incur reactivation fees.


Final images are edited in the signature Stacy Pierce Photography style which includes light edits with minimal skin smoothing, color and tone enhancements.  Extensive edits and body reshaping are not a part of the service included in the pricing.  Additional editing requests will require additional time and additional fees.


Images provided in the digital gallery of the photographer’s choice of the best images.  Many images will be taken during the session, but only those images deemed as the best will be included in the gallery.  


It is the client’s responsibility to arrive on time to a scheduled session.  SPP is not be responsible for missed images or lost shooting time and opportunity due to untimeliness.


To get the most out of the session and limit distractions, sessions are limited to those being photographed without the expressed permission of Stacy Pierce Photography.


Stacy Pierce Photography by law retains the copyright of all images.  No additional edits, or filters can be added or made my the client or third party without expressed written consent from Stacy Pierce.  

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